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Overview of the Institution
Mission Statement of Medical Trust of SDA
The mission of the Seventh Day Adventist Health System is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ through compassionate and holistic health care to all without discrimination.

Mission of The SDA Hospital, Ottapalam
SDA Mission Hospital, Ottapalam and its staff are committed to share the love of Jesus by carrying out His commission of providing compassionate, Christ-like, wholistic healthcare that is preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitive, educational and research oriented services through programs, that are client friendly, not-for-profit, that can affect lifestyle changes which will improve the quality of life now and in anticipation for eternity.

Philosophy of The College of Nursing
The Seventh day Adventist College of Nursing, Ottapalam offers an all-round education which is based on the principles of Adventist Education. It further endeavors to develop compassionate, professionally competent nurses, which provide wholistic health to all without discrimination in all settings.

Nursing is an integral part of the health care delivery system and share responsibility in collaboration with other allied health professions for the attainment of optimal health for all members of the society.

Education is a lifelong learning process. It seek to render appropriate behavioral changes in students in order of facilitate their developments, which assist them to live personally satisfied and socially useful lives.

The goal of degree program leading to Bachelor of Science in Nursing is to prepare the trained nurse as a generalist who will accept responsibility for enhancing the effectiveness of nursing care.

The faculty of nursing assumes responsibility for teaching, service, research and recognizes the need for participation in all these activities of the students.

We believe that the individual, form an early age, learns to adapt to the environment, where student develops awareness and achieves participation as a member of the family, community and the society.

Each individual possesses their own unique personality and characteristics, reflecting internal and external factors, which in turn, affects the rate and extent to which movement towards self-actualization is realized.

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