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Facilities Available
Facilities Available
Excellent hostel accommodations with well-ventilated and spacious rooms are provided with basic furniture .Student are expected to bring their own mattresses, pillows and necessary items. Students who require hostel accommodation need to sign a document stating the compliance to abide by the rules of the hostel. Visitors are allowed only at the written consent of their parents and principal at specific visiting hours. Local guardians if any should be authorized by the parents for visitation.

There are six well equipped laboratories for the student to practice various skills of nursing. Those are fundamentals of Nursing lab, Anatomy & Microbiology lab, Nutrition lab, Community health nursing lab and Maternity and Child health nursing lab. Excellent computer lab with ACCR technology, internet browsing facilities, online library search and data bases are provided.

A well-equipped library with Periodicals, latest books, interactive CD Rom, Videos on the required subject of the course are available, along with International and national nursing journals, religious books and News papers.

The institution provides and encourages a variety of recreational activities including music, sports, games, social services, retreat, camps and picnics that are mandatory for all-round development of students. Badminton Court, Throw Ball, Volleyball court and general outdoor sports ground is available and sports week is also observed.

Students Health Clinic
Round the clock medical care is available for all students in the SDA Hospital, Ottapalam. Hepatitis B vaccination is mandatory for all students who enroll in the course.

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